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Baycliffes Racehorse Training Facilities

Baycliffe Farm prepares racehorses before they go into training, and breaks in horses for flat racing and jumping. We also undertake basic training to assist with co-ordination and balance so the horse gets stronger and muscle is formed in the right places. We provide the very best care for horses at competitive rates and understand the need for regular communication with their owners. Our dedicated team are passionate about horses and provide a professional, hands-on service.


Part of the original development, Baycliffe Farm has 30 stables arranged around the courtyard. Fillies and colts are stabled separately.

Grass and All-Weather Gallops

A sweeping round mile and a half gallop, and a separate straight four and a half furlong gallop, both grass and all-weather.

Indoor Facilities

A spacious, modern indoor riding school with a sand and rubber surface.

Hydrotherapy Spa

Baycliffe has a pair of hydrotherapy spas which are essential for helping to speed up the healing process for horses with leg injuries or ailments. The warm water increases circulation and speeds up the healing process and allows the horse to relax.

Horse Walker

Recently re-roofed, Baycliffes 66ft eight bay horse walker gives horses light exercise after a hard training routine, and allows horses returning from injury a gentle reintroduction to training.

National Hunt Hurdles and Fences

Baycliffe Farm has a flight of hurdles used to ready the horse for steeplechase events, enabling horses to become more confident and to create the correct shape over the jump – good height, strong bascule and a good fold in front. We can also loose jump the horses for exercise, or as a way to introduce new fillers and fences.

Starting Stalls

Baycliffe has a 3 bay starting stall to let horses get acclimatised to the process.

Lunge ring

Used for breaking yearlings before taking them to the indoor school for further training, this all-weather facility provides a safe environment for horse and rider. Horses learn to accept reign contact onto the mouth, respond to voice training and achieve good body rhythm and balance.

Relaxing and convalescing

Baycliffe Farm has over 100 acres of paddocks and woodland, securely fenced and well maintained, to allow horses to rest between training, keep them stimulated, or convalesce after injury or a season of racing.


For your convenience, we can collect and return your horse in our horsebox.


The yard and stables are monitored by CCTV and staff living on site.