A Thoroughbred at Baycliffe William Harrison-Allan congratulates a winning horse Baycliffe's amazing surroundings William Harrison-Allan

History of Baycliffe Farm

The development of Baycliffe Farm as a major force in racing is the brainchild of William Harrison-Allan, Chief Executive of the Country Gentlemen's Association. As an owner and breeder of racehorses for more than twenty five years, William fully understands the need for an efficient, properly run pre-training yard.


William explains "The cost of keeping horses in training continues to rise. One way to help reduce the bill is to send your horses to us here at Baycliffe Farm for up to two months for essential preparatory work that will bring them close to race fitness in secure surroundings."

Baycliffe Estate

Baycliffe Farm itself is beautiful and substantial grade II Listed farmhouse, in part dating back to 17th Century. A building stood at Baycliffe many centuries earlier, however, and it appears to have been an important Manor mentioned in Domesday Book.


Baycliffe Farm entered the 21st century in a dilapidated and ever declining state of repairs. It was acquired by William Harrison-Allan, who succeeded, during a three year building programme, in returning the farmhouse and all of its extensive outbuildings to their former glory.


In addition William Harrison-Allan oversaw the farm's conversion to an outstanding equine pre-training yard.